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13 Things The Mentally Strong Avoid

13 Things The Mentally Strong Avoid

November 21, 2013 — You’ve probably noticed that we’re big fans of focusing on what organizations (usually with or about wings) can control or affect. Elly Mixsell at Wired Communications brought a Forbes article — Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid —  to our attention this week. We liked it and, although it focuses on people, not companies, we think it’s fair to say that mentally strong organizations tend to avoid these same behaviors.

To synthesize, mentally tough people/organizations focus on what they can control or affect, not on what they can’t. Three key things we can all control, if we choose, are our:

Attitudes – Are we going to choose to be positive, or negative? Will we accept setbacks with grace, or with tantrums?  Will we see setbacks as a chance to learn, or to complain about how unfair the result was?

Decisions – After choosing to have a good attitude, what are we going to do about the situation? What was supposed to happen, what actually happened, what accounts for the difference, and what can we do better next time (or, as the U.S. Military calls it, the After Action Review)?

Effort – Having decided what to do, are we going to move ahead giving it our best, or go about things half-heartedly because of unhealthy attitudes (fear, dejection, resignation, etc.)?

An organization, just like a person, can learn to be mentally strong, and will stand out from its erstwhile peers when it does. Focusing on what you can control is the first step.

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