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An American Dubai?

An American Dubai?

This is an exciting time for airports around the world. Cities such as Seoul, Singapore, Dubai (pictured above), Abu Dhabi, Istanbul (disclaimer – we’re bullish on Turkey) and Amsterdam are competing to become preferred connecting airports, based on a combination of air service, airport experience, and the allure of their cities as destinations. In the process, they are supplanting traditional connecting cities and reshaping global aviation.

So far, no North American city has truly thrown its hat into this ring, and perhaps with good reason: as President Obama recently noted, passengers worldwide ranked no U.S. airport higher than 30th in the 2013 Skytrax World Airport Awards. Moreover, because most American hub cities are limited by one or more critical factors…

  • airline strategy (e.g., PHX)
  • geography (e.g., DTW; MSP; East- and West-coast airports)
  • airport capacity (e.g., LAX; ORD; SFO)
  • lack of destination appeal (you figure it out!)

…we believe there are only a handful of airports that could hope to become the preferred connecting hub for North America. Two examples: Dallas/Ft. Worth and Denver.

Questions for our readers:

  1. Who else would you add to this list?
  2. What do you think it would it take for a U.S. airport and city to become the next Dubai?

Let us hear from you…

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