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The litigation that arises from airplane crashes, FAA compliance investigations, and other aviation-related incidents is rarely simple. The experts at LexVolo possess a unique combination of regulatory, legal, and aviation business experience and expertise to help you assess your situation and determine your best course of action going forward. Our expert reports and analysis can provide you with unique, concise, and accurate information about your situation that is invaluable at any stage of litigation and on either side of a lawsuit.

Stop infringement, file a patent, copyright, or trademark, or negotiate a license – our IP professionals will make your business work for you.  In addition to helping our clients license or register patents, trademarks and copyrights that protect their brand identities and preserve their competitive edge in the marketplace, we manage intellectual property portfolios and provide deeply discounted trademark monitoring services.  We also offer well-qualified legal counsel on matters of trade secrets and business intelligence to help them get ahead in the market.

  • Assist and advise you through the trademark process
  • Provide counsel for aviation commercial and agency agreements
  • Fully support airline start-ups
  • Advise in aviation-related commercial disputes
  • Support applications, petitions, and processes involving FAA and DOT