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Dublin to Build (Literally) on Its Recent Success

Dublin to Build (Literally) on Its Recent Success


2016.04.08 – We hate to say we told you so. Okay; who are we kidding? We’re consultants. We LOVE saying we told you so almost as much as we love Venn diagrams and quadrant matrices.

One our firsts blog posts in mid-2013 talked about the potential desirability of DUB as a preferred connecting airport for trans-atlantic itineraries. In the nearly “tree” years (connoisseurs of Hiberno-English will understand) since, DUB has added almost 50 new nonstop routes and grown long-haul connectivity by over 60%; and we think DUB still has plenty of upside.

Apparently, Dublin Airport Authority, which runs DUB, agrees. Yesterday, they announced plans to build and open a new, 3,100 meter (10,200 foot) runway by 2020, citing recent and expected growth. To secure the success of this new concrete, we believe DUB still could take certain steps to increase the awareness of and preference for DUB on the western side of the Atlantic among the target customer segment. DUB has several things going for it in this regard, as we mentioned in the original post. Among them:

  • Location
  • US Pre-Clearance
  • Americans’ love of Ireland
  • It’s not Heathrow

“If you build it, they will come” only works in an Iowa cornfield. Airports generally have options to increase customer (e.g., passenger) demand, and should evaluate and act upon those options.

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