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Hallmarks of a Truly Up-to-date Airport?

Hallmarks of a Truly Up-to-date Airport?


2015.08.14 – We came across an article by Yasmin Tayag that posits several things she feels we should expect from modern airports, such as:

  • Real-Time Parking Info
  • Centralized Check-In
  • Wireless Charging
  • Automated Passport Control
  • In-Flight Grocery

We like #1; feel a bit “meh” about #5 (maybe that’d be a New York thing?); and can think of other services and traits we believe leading edge airports should have, such as:

  • Reserved parking, even perhaps with a pre-assigned space
  • Order-ahead concessions, especially if delivered to the gate at a specified time
  • “Uber”-friendliness (a term we’ve coined to mean embracing disruptive, customer-centric technologies and services such as, but not limited to, Uber)

Leading airports will be fanatical about giving customers the services they want in order to improve their experience and, especially for airports in multi-airport catchments, to drive brand preference among consumers.

What would you delete from, or add to, these lists? Let us hear from you…

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