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Jeopardy! – Airport Competition Edition

Jeopardy! – Airport Competition Edition

2014.01.08 – Recently, we were privileged to speak at the Airport Roundtable Series in Charleston, SC, sponsored in part by Ailevon Air Service Consulting, a firm we admire. It was a great conference, and we recommend it highly to our readers for 2014 (when announced).

One of the things we like about this conference is how informal it is. That gives participants (and speakers) a great deal of freedom to engage with each other effectively. We were asked to speak on competing for passengers, and given the nature of the conference, we elected to skip a formal presentation, instead opting to play a game of Jeopardy – Airport Competition Edition, with the attendees. It was a blast (for us at least). Check out the game here, and maybe create one of your own sometime at the JeopardyLabs Website.



  1. I’ll take “Great ways to Increase Demand for Your Competitor’s Product” for $1000, Alex | LexVolo, LLC - […] — The next time we hostĀ Airport Jeopardy, perhaps one exchange could go something like […]

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