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Mobile Display Is On The Move

Mobile Display Is On The Move


2014.12.09 – This graphic caught our eye, because it jibes with our very recent experience: namely, that not all digital advertising platforms are created equal.

As we type this, we’re trying to increase an airport client’s awareness and consideration among target customers who live in the “swing zone” between our client and other nearby, competing airports. In theory, people living in this swing zone could choose from among two or more airports, and we want them to consider and choose our client more than they do. The campaign consists of a combination of outdoor in strategic locations around the edge of the swing zone, and online using three vehicles

  • Desktop display through an airline’s proprietary ad network
  • Desktop display on multiple sites through a third-party vendor
  • Mobile display through the same third-party vendor

The mobile display campaign is what the “trade” refers to as mobile conquesting: specifically targeting ads to the smartphones of customers from target zip codes when they are in a competing airport. Although the platform served the fewest total images of the three (as intended), it delivered a click rate over 10 times that of the next best platform. From this you’ll also infer (correctly) that it delivered a much better cost per click (CPC, in industry lingo) despite a relatively high cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Because of these results, in flights two and three of this three-flight campaign we’re rebalancing the spend to allow a significant increase in mobile display.

If your airport isn’t investing in mobile display already, now is the time to consider it.

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