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The Norwegian Straw Man

The Norwegian Straw Man

2014.05.08 РHow can you know Norwegian Air International is a real threat in the transatlantic aviation market? The mere possibility of their service has done what no one else has since Herb Kelleher Рalign airline management and labor.

In business, true competition (our passion)¬†is about winning customers more than defeating opponents. When someone says, “We’re fine with competition as long as it’s on a level playing field,” (as Michael Robbins, the Pilots Association’s director of government affairs, told Fortune), what he really means is, “we’re fine with competition as long as the competitor is hobbled in advance so that customers don’t get any meaningful, new competition for their business.”

If there are real regulatory concerns (e.g., safety issues), NAI’s opponents should come forth with them. So far, all we see are straw men. How do you see it? Let us hear from you.

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